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There are several parts of a ventilation system that need attention when cleaning them, starting with the air vent filters.

These are often easily accessible in homes and offices. They are the source of air that feeds into the air conditioner or heater. The filters can be vacuumed or rinsed and reused unless replacement is a better option. The next step is to clean the ducts.

Should you Consult a ventilation professional?

Cleaning a ventilation system often requires a professional to use specialized equipment in the duct-work. The ducts are usually inaccessible as they are behind the walls and have no access panels. There sometimes is limited access at the last part of the system, where the air is pumped back into the building through vents. These vents can also be cleaned of dust and dirt with a vacuum.

There are significant benefits to cleaning air vent filters as well as the ducts of a ventilation system. Since they are all part of a system that connects to the air conditioner and heater, any germs, allergens, or other contaminants in the ducts, can be spread to the entire building. To make sure the entire system is clean. It is a good idea to start at the intake part of the system and work to the vents that distribute the air. Vents and filters are easy to clean by anyone, but the ducts require special vacuums that professionals use just for this situation.

An inspection of the air conditioning unit and heater will make it easy to clean any thing that could contaminate the system.

Written by Linda Harper — July 06, 2013

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