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Having a clogged air filter can cause damage to your unit.

  • If you have a central heating and cooling system you should be replacing your house air filters regularly.
  • If you have not been replacing them, then you should replace it now.

Even if it appears to be running well there are things inside of it that can be damaged and reduce the longevity of the unit. Maintaining your air conditioner can save you money in the long run both on repairs as well as while it is running. If you are not sure where your house air filter is located on the unit you can check the manual or look it up online. Most of the air filters are easy to get to and located on the main unit.

If you do not have any house air filters to replace the old one with you can purchase them at your local hardware store. Simply write down the size that is located on the side of the filter, or take the filter with you to the store. They will be able to help you purchase the correct house air filters for your unit. Once you have the filters you should set up a replacement schedule for them. Replacing them every three months are so is usually a good rule of thumb. It all depends on how much dust or pet hair that you have in your home. You can take a look at the filter and judge for yourself. Having a central heating and cooling system is very convenient, you simply have to take care of it and maintain it, and it will keep your home comfortable.

Written by Linda Harper — July 06, 2013

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